Schoppik Lab

How does the brain learn to balance?

We're constantly engaged in a vital struggle against gravity. Using a set of unconscious reflexes, we stabilize our bodies. Amazingly, these reflexes adapt as our bodies grow.

We study how developing brains learn to balance.

The Schoppik Lab is a part of the exciting new Neuroscience Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center. We belong to the Otolaryngology and  Neuroscience & Physiology Departments. Our little corner of the world has a couple new investigators starting their labs, including Katherine NagelMike HalassaJayeeta Basu, Nic Tritsch, and Biyu Jade He.

What? You wanted a shiny picture of the institute? Check back in 2017.

Graduate students can join our laboratory as part of the Neuroscience & Physiology or Neural Science doctoral programs

Not representative of graduate student housing.

Medical Sciences Building

Office: 466
Lab: 433/490/498

Enter the main entrance, follow the Yellow Pathway to the elevators, make a right out of the elevators, and then a left. Humming "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" optional, but recommended.

550 First Ave.
New York, NY 10016